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Hi! I am Karen. I come to my love of the Needle Arts by way of my grandmothers. From Ethel, I learned the fundamentals: she was a prolific quilter, seamstress, embroiderer, tatter, crocheter. From Viva, I learned fearlessness: she never picked up a crochet hook or knitting needle until she was 67 ~ "I am an old lady", she said; "I should know how to do this." And so she learned. (And was very good, btw.)

From my days of sewing clothes for Skipper (Mom didn't approve of Barbie), I have been lover of all things Fabric. Buttons, too. And beads. O, and crayons, charms and little bells. Ummm ... and I have an inordinate affection for office supplies ... you know ~ paper, pencils, organizer folders, boxes.

My family is understanding & so very supportive ~ my daughters, R & L, and my best friend, Joe ~ I could not ask for better. My heart overflows.